Staying Motivated- A pep talk from Portia

It can be easy to give up or throw in the towel when you have goals that you’ve set for yourself and it seems as if you aren’t meeting those goals. Some of you may have plans on loosing weight, going back to school, owning your own businesses, but you work full-time and you’re trying to figure out how to make that transition from working full-time to being a business owner sucessfully. Some of you may even have goals that are floating around in your head that you didn’t get the chance to transfer onto paper. I have two words for you: “JUST BREATHE!”

Being stressed out about what you have or do not have, what you’ve done and what you have not done will only make reaching the goals you’ve set for you self harder to reach and much more dramatic. Stay calm. It will happen! You have to encourage yourself and be your biggest cheerleader.

JUMP! Even if you fail or it doesn’t turn out the way you planned or imagined it, keep going forward. Have faith in God. You will never find out what you can achieve if you never try.



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