Staying Motivated- A pep talk from Portia

It can be easy to give up or throw in the towel when you have goals that you’ve set for yourself and it seems as if you aren’t meeting those goals. Some of you may have plans on loosing weight, going back to school, owning your own businesses, but you work full-time and you’re trying to figure out how to make that transition from working full-time to being a business owner sucessfully. Some of you may even have goals that are floating around in your head that you didn’t get the chance to transfer onto paper. I have two words for you: “JUST BREATHE!”

Being stressed out about what you have or do not have, what you’ve done and what you have not done will only make reaching the goals you’ve set for you self harder to reach and much more dramatic. Stay calm. It will happen! You have to encourage yourself and be your biggest cheerleader.

JUMP! Even if you fail or it doesn’t turn out the way you planned or imagined it, keep going forward. Have faith in God. You will never find out what you can achieve if you never try.



Steps for Getting a Sleek Silk Press: For Natural Girls

Hello to all of my beauties! I am so in love with silk pressing. Recently, I posted photos of my client’s hair before and after a silk press. I also posted a hair video on facebook that featured my natural hair during a silk press process. My hair was light as a feather, soft and silky. Several of my friends and clients requested a “how to” on this so here it is!

The first thing you will need to do and always remember to do  before you apply heat to your hair (especially if you’re a natural sista) is to condition your hair. Please, if you dont do anything else, please condition your hair. Since I am natural (and so is my client)  I use a lot  hydrating oils to keep my hair moisturized. I begin by sectioning my hair into four areas (parting down the middle then from ear to ear) and sepearte these section by hair clips (no rubberbands please). For each section, I start by taking virgin coconut oil and covering my hair from roots to ends with the oil. This oil works wonders, just google it! After the oil is in my hair, I use Avanti Silicon Mix and apply it in the same mannor as the coconut oil. After this, I’ll choose from my selection of conditioners to top it off. Recently, I used Suave’s Professional Sleek conditioner and I applied it in the same mannor as the oil and silicon mix. After the conditioners were applied, I placed a conditioning hair cap on my clients head and placed her under my hooded dryer for about 30 minutes.

Next, I rinsed out the conditioner and shampooed her hair with Suave’s Professional Sleek shampoo. I sectioned my client’s hair again the same way I mentioned before (down the middle and ear-to-ear) then I began to gently detangling her hair using a WIDE TOOTH COMB and detangling brush starting from the end of hair to the roots of her hair.

After the detangling was complete, I used Cantu’s Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk (normally, i’ll use Biosilk or Chi). I squeezed a DIME-SIZE amount into the palm of my hands, rubbed it together and applied it to her hair all over. You may not see it, but a little bit goes a very long way. I began to blow dry her hair starting with the cool setting first before I used the medium heat setting.

Then, I began to take tiny sections of her hair and began flat ironing her hair using my Make-up Essentials flat iron. I also trimmed the ends of her hair where necessary. Her hair was very silky and flowy ! Lastly, I wrapped her hair how you would normally wrap your hair at night time, using plastic wrap, she sat underneath my hooded dryer for about 7 minutes and I unwrapped her hair from the plastic wrap. As always, she was amazed by the results !

Guys, I am not a professional yet and as always, PLEASE DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR HAIR!